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Casa da Música

Spectacle Room

Part of Porto 2001, European capital of Culture, the Casa da Música (House of Music) already begins its process in 1998, when it's known that Porto and Amsterdan would be chosen to be the capitals in 2001.

The contest for its design was open in 1999 and after three fases was chosen the project of the Dutch architect Rem Koolhas. From the Juri of this competition stand out two names of portuguese architecture, and also from Oporto, Álvaro Siza Vieira and Eduardo Souto Moura, the two winners of the Pritzker Prize.

The building and its construction had controversial initial reactions, being that it occupies the space where previously the collection of electric cars of the STCP, and later after the construction by the strong visual impact that changed to all urban space.

Regardless of the reactions, it is inevitable to notice the Casa da Música, its projection in the world, the great architectural and construction work that can be appreciate in the tours that the institution provides. On the other hand, the Casa da Música has really become an icon of a new and rejuvenated Oporto city, which can be noticed by the influx of young people around him to skating or enjoying the good weather. This project clearly changed the life of the city.

Casa da Música was inaugurated in 2005, and has since become a landmark in contemporary architecture.

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Spectacle Room