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Café Majestic

Place of Interest

Located on Rua de Santa Catarina, Café Majestic is already considered a historic café, which tells the story of Porto in the twenties, the political tertúlias and the debate of ideas, the Port of Bélle Époque, writers and artists.

Founded in 1921 under the name of Elite by the architect João Queiroz, it is currently one of the most beautiful examples of Arte Nova in the city of Porto. From the beginning this coffee was associated to a certain frequency of distinct people, fact that in 1922 changed to the name to Majestic, suggesting the Parisian chic, so much appreciated at the time.

Due to its beauty and refined atmosphere, in 1983 it was classified as Public Interest Property and "cultural heritage" of the city, and in 2011 was considered the most beautiful coffee in the world.

  • Baixa - Ildefonso


Rua de Santa Catarina, 112
4000-381 Porto

222 003 887

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Place of Interest
Historic & Center
Baixa - Ildefonso