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Jardim da Cordoaria

Green Space

Popularly known as Cordoaria Garden, its original name is João Chagas Garden, due to the string industry that was founded there in the 15th century and was for two centuries.

In the 19th century, Cordoaria Square was transformed by the project of the German landscape artist Émile David, but it was at the Oporto European Capital of Culture in 2001 that the garden gained the aspect it presents today.

In the garden you can find the statues of authors like António Teixeira Lopes, Leopoldo Almeida, Fernandes de Sá and Juan Muñoz.

Close to the Cordoaria Garden is the Museum of Natural History, the Portuguese Institute of Photography, the General Hospital of Santo António and the museum of the Hospital Center of Porto, and the Tower and Clérigos Church.

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Green Space
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