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Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar

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The monastery dates back to the 17th century and was initially created with the purpose of hosting the Augustinian Friars of the Monastery of Grijó. This complex is composed of the church (of circular plan), the main chapel (of rectangular plant) and the cloister (also of circular form).

The monastery was part of the theater of war in two occasions that marked deeply the life of the city. The first instance was Soult's French invasion when the monastery was overrun by the invading troops, making it a strategic point to conquer Porto and then was the starting point for Wellington's forces to reconquer it when the French had already gotten in to town.

Some 25 years later, during the civil war that opposed absolutist and liberals, the monastery was again taken by the armies of D. Miguel. Since then the monastery has been serving military and religious functions.

The little square right in front of the church is one of the best places to admire Porto, and is possible to make a guided visit in the monastery to know its rich history, (go up to the balcony of the church to see Porto, the mounts at the east and the sea to the other side).

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