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Muralha Fernandina

Monument & Heritage

The Muralha Fernandina rebuilt between 1368 and 1437 by D. Fernando, replaced the old one that was too small in view of the development of the city of Oporto. It is then the Gothic fortification of the old city, which would have a wall cloth with about 8 km with 11 meters of height.

Almost all the wall will have disappeared with only a few parts remaining. One of the first attempts to deconstruct the wall will have been by João de Almada e Melo, Governor of the Armas do Porto looking to modernize the old city. From there until the twentieth century the wall was dismantled.

Today its remains can be seen on the river, where the house stands there and still preserves one of its shutters, others hidden, near the Old Club of the English, and perhaps the most iconic of all, the section of the guindais, that has entrance by the Old church of Santa Clara, one of the best high points of the city.

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Trecho dos Guindais e Trecho Caminho Novo

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