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Igreja de Cedofeita

Monument & Heritage

Officially called the Igreja de São Martinho de Cedofeita, this is probably one of the oldest Catholic spaces in the city of Oporto. The church of Cedofeita was born of a vow made by an ancient king of Galiza to Saint Martin so the latter could save the king's son disease.

According to the legend the king gathered the labour force to build the old church so quickly that it was known to end construction too early, thus Cito Facta (made early), from where the toponymn derives.

The first church was completed between the 5th and 6th centuries, and later rebuilt in the 10th century and would have a structure close to the one we now know, small and one nave.

As seen in other buildings this church has soffered alterations by the Direção Geral de Edifícios e Monumetos Nacionais (The general supervision of the national's monuments and buildings) and lost all “addings” after the compilation of the romanesque building. Unfortunately there aren't many times that the small church has its doors opened.

  • Baixa - Cedofeita
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Largo do Priorado
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Monument & Heritage
Baixa - Cedofeita