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Graham's Port Lodge

Wine Cellar

Graham's Port wine cellars date back to 1820 when brothers William and John Graham decided to dedicate themselves to producing Port wine. The Scottish brethren who already had a good commercial standing in the north of the country as textile merchants were still considered to be part of the mercantile principality of Great Britain.

In 1970 the Graham's cellars were purchased by the Symington family taking over wine production, which was considered one of the best, and recently opened in 2013 after renovations.

These cellars are in a privileged area, with a magnificent view over the Douro River, over the old part of the city of Oporto and also over Vila Nova de Gaia. Like all the other Port wine companies, the cellars of Graham's provide visits to the place for those who want to know the history and taste the products.

  • Vila Nova de Gaia


Rua do Agro, 150
4400-281 Vila Nova de Gaia

223 776 490


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Wine Cellar
Vila Nova de Gaia