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Jardim Botânico

Green Space

The Oporto Botanical Garden is located in the old Quinta do Campo Alegre and was installed in this place in 1951 by the Oporto University.

Once owned by the Order of Christ, this place was owned by João Henrique Andresen Júnior between 1895 and 1949, having lived here two great names of Portuguese Literature, Sophia de Melo Breyner Andersen and Reuben Andresen.

In 1949 the Portuguese State bought this place, proceeding to renovate the gardens, but maintaining the original layout of the gardens and the romantic style characteristic of the time of its construction.

Due to its botanical aspect and conservation of species, both native and exotic, but also due to its literary side, the Botanical Garden assumes a high importance for the city of Porto.

At the moment it is open to the public with free access, being a pleasant place for family outings, but also with the possibility of guided visits.

  • Miragaia/Massarelos


Rua do Campo Alegre, 1191
4150-181 Porto

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Green Space