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Ponte da Arrábida


The Arrábida Bridge arose from the need to create alternatives to the old bridges of D. Maria Pia and D. Luís in order to respond to the growing flow of traffic, being the second to be built for road traffic.

The project of this bridge is by Edgar Cardoso and was inaugurated in 1963. It is an arched bridge constructed of reinforced concrete, of a single board, and considered one of the longest in the world (at the time of its construction). In its initial design, the bridge had two lanes and two side lanes for pedestrians and cyclists. However, in the 90's the functional characteristics were changed, with the number of lanes being extended to three and the clues for cyclists disappeared.

Although currently deactivated, the bridge also has four columns located at the ends which housed in times elevating access to the board. In each column of the elevators can also be seen sculptures authored by Barata Feyo on the side of Porto and Gustavo Bastos on the side of Gaia.

More recently the company Porto Bridge Climb has programs of visits to the arch of the bridge going up its 273 steps to the top.

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Ponte da Arrábida